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There's a place for talking politics. Your internet news feeds aren't one of them. Scrub your facebook and twitter of politics and stay sane this election season.

Get the extension » is a browser extension/add-on that hides posts in your news feed which contain specific keywords. It has all sorts of features:

  • Keyword presets: If you only want to block "liberal" posts or "conservative" posts, you're covered with some built-in presets.
  • Custom keywords: If the presets aren't working for you (or are overzealous), punch in any keywords you'd like to see gone, and say goodbye to those posts.
  • Multiple sites: Currently filters the facebook news feed and twitter, with more sites coming soon.
  • Aggressive filter: Can identify posts to remove, even if the partisanship only begins in the comments.

Chrome Extension

Get the extension from the Chrome Web Store!

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Firefox Add-on

An early test version without all the features of the Chrome extension... yet.



Everything is available on github!

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